In the age of Google Translation, why hiring a Japanese native translator for Japanese-to-English / English-to-Japanese Translation is a good idea?

Japanese to English

The beauty of Japanese language is literally hidden between the lines.
Like in Haiku poems, the language could contain incredible amount of volume in such a short sentence.

And that is why you may encounter awkward (sometimes bizarre) Japanese to English translations with machine translation.

We offer thorough consultations with our clients before a translation project takes off to own you core message as ours. That means we also offer idiomatic translation if that works better to deliver your message.

So all you have to do is express your passion with your unique words in Japanese.

We are here to help make your voice heard to the broader audience.

English to Japanese

When you work on English to Japanese Translation, you need to know its cultural context as much as its grammar and spellings.

A powerfully appealing tagline in English could be sometimes a bit too aggressive if literally translated in Japanese.

Your goal as a marketer/sales representative is either to sell your products or to gain more recognition about your products. So if idiomatic translation serves such purpose better, you need to be able to choose it over literal translation with confidence.

And we are here to help you throughout the localization process. Please let us be a part of your amazing journey!