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Our services

Thorough Prep Discussion

Our initial prep meeting with our clients allows us to understand and incorporate your business goal and preferred writing style into our translation. Talk to us via Zoom or in-person (Tokyo only).

In-Depth Cultural Knowledge

Whether Japanese or English, we provide a translation that best expresses your core message that the original text conveys , beyond literal translation.

Clear and Flat Rate

We would love you to be fully satisfied with the target text. Our flat rate includes all the revision rounds that may occur before we wrap up the project, unless additional source texts were introduced by our clients.

Consultation on Translation Tools

If you are looking to manage the translated texts for a long term, we are happy to introduce the Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools and  Translation Memory (TM( that best match your needs.

Why hiring a human (and Japanese) translator?
In the age of machine translation, why hiring a Japanese translator is a good idea?
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