If you are interested in sharing the videos that show how to use your product or service with your clients online, we provide script writing service, and voiceover and subtitle production.

If you could provide a video and simple instruction, we are going to polish up the script to make it suitable for spoken words and record voice over and provide subtitles.

The following voice-over and subtitle were created and recorded as a sample work of our service.
If you need assistance in creating a video, please reach out for referrals. Please note that in order to deliver the contents’ message clearly, we purposefully modified the materials in English by adding a more contextual explanation.

Japanese Version
English Version


  • After your review of the script is finished and the recording process has started, we are happy to offer 3 complimentary spot retakes per project. For additional retakes, the rate above shall be applied. 
  • Fee for file sorting/labeling is included.
  • Sound Effects (SE or jingle) are available for 2000 JPY/one SE.
3 days/ JPY
7 days
up to 4002001500012000
up to 6003002250020000
up to 8004003000025000
up to 10005003750035000
up to 1 2006004500040000
up to 14007005250045000
up to 16008006000050000
up to 18009006750060000
up to 200010007500065000
up to 4000200010000090000
up to 60003000125000115000
up to 80004000150000120000
10 days
up to 100005000175000145000
up to 120006000200000170000
up to 140007000225000195000
up to 160008000250000220000
up to 180009000275000245000